Beth performing at UniSlam 2020. Photo credits to Tyrone Lewis.

Beth Davies (she/her) is an emerging poet based in Sheffield. She is a graduate of The Writing Squad and a member of Hive Poetry Collective.

Page: Beth’s work has been published in Poetry Wales, Atrium, Rust + Moth, Pulp Poets Press, and The Kindling, as well as in multiple anthologies including Candlestick Press’ Ten Poems about Flowers and Valley Press’ Verse Matters. She won second place in the 2021 Dead Cat Poetry Prize and in the 2022 Magdalena Young Poets’ Prize. She was shortlisted in the 2021 New Poets Prize. A full list of – and links to – publications can be found on the Published Poems page of this website.

Performance: Beth is a graduate of Durham University Slam Team, which she represented at UniSlam 2020, reaching the semi-finals. She has performed her work at Wakefield LitFest 2022, Sheaf Poetry Festival 2020, and South Yorkshire Poetry Festival 2017.

Other Projects: Beth has taken part in projects such as Stevie Ronnie’s A Diary of Windows and Small Things and has been commissioned on behalf of The National Centre for The Written Word.

Between 2018 and 2020, she was the editor of The Gentian, an online poetry journal associated with Durham University Poetry Society, of which she edited Issues 2-6. She also ran poetry workshops for Durham University Poetry Society.

She can be found on Twitter @BethRSD

Outside of poetry, Beth is currently studying for an MA in Librarianship.

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